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We will showcase a worthy cause, or company in need, each month. It's a cause that Wishing and Hoping feels needs our support. The purpose is to collectively donate enough money to reach our pre-determined goal. It won't be much, but together we can all make a difference. The clock is ticking. Click here to donate today!*
Worthy Wishes is the only online community where non-profits, for profits and individuals can wish for people to donate to their worthy cause. Anyone can create an account. It's up to you to determine who is worthy of your money. Pick a company and read up on their mission or make a difference in a person's life who is struggling to pay their medical bills for treatment for a rare disease. Click here to make a difference!*
*We take a 1% administrative processing fee for the total donations made on the Hope for a Cause page and 3% on the Worthy Wishes page. We use PayPal for all transactions, which charges a nominal service fee (approximately 2.9%) for all donations made on both pages.
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